Day One

by Martin Malota

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I was born on the same day as Mike Tyson. Happy Birthday Mike. I know my main objective out here is to do nothing, but eat MC's. I'm hungry. Let's go.


Verse 1

This is MOLA100, day 1 of 100. Say son, you don't want it
And you all lying right where you stand
Both hands in your pockets. Got it locked?
I see right through the plans

Let the bullets speed right through the glands
Demand more of that. Execution style
Smile right through the horror rap
Circles all around you cats. Take a loss
Y'all get clapped and I ain't talkin' round of applause

The standing O is warranted. The coroners call it in
The other corner's got a hold of the towel to throw it in
The foreigner warrior. You already know what it is
A horseman with a ball of fire where my head normally is

Verse 2

It's the eye of the tiger, all my rivals are diminished
Dead on arrival, it's survival of the fittest
This is Malota at the dojo. Y'all doing sit ups
Keep your composure this is closure. You're coming with us

A long kiss goodnight, get you some baby sitters
The songs kids all like. Death to the counterfeiters
Kid-napping. Not jacking kids, but kids sleeping on real rap
And whatever happened to that?

Let the pests rest in wreckage, they're leaving today
Y'all could pay your respects I'm asleep at the wake
Just nudge me when it's time for the eulogy
And close the casket after you throw in this basket of jewelry

And talking about cocaine in every song's lame
I'll take your powder and throw it up, like I'm Lebron James
Take my talents to South Beach until the end of days
Make an album without beats and kill it either way

Moment of silence, MOLA gets violent
Choking you with the strings right off the bow of the violins
After you sign in, everyone dial in
And add me @mola1 notify ya friends


released June 30, 2014
Written by MOLA1 (Martin Malota)
Produced by !llmind



all rights reserved


Martin Malota Detroit, Michigan

Martin Malota aka MOLA1 is a first generation Albanian American from Detroit, MI by way of Los Angeles, CA. His obsession with music began at the age of nine, when he turned to writing as a way to cope with the loss of his sister. With an obsession for perfecting his craft, Martin has had difficulty sharing his music...until now. ... more

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