Good News

by Martin Malota

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Good News! Here's a new track! I'm rapping over a monster of a beat by Beats by ESTA., out of Southern California. This is not a Kendrick Lamar response and I'm not claiming King of New York. I'm from Detroit and I'm proud of it. Listen...this is for everybody. If you're an MC, you're supposed to believe you're the best and well...


Yeah, so we got the rap game in a frenzy now, huh? Real emcees. We're going back to lyrics. People care about rhymes now, huh?

What's raising the bar to somebody that can fly?

Well, I got some good news and I got some bad news. Good news is, I'm not rappin to this beat. Here's the bad news.

Yeah! MOLA1. It's good news for me and it's bad news for the rest of you. I will not keep calm.

Everybody shut the fuck up.

You got the right to remain silent and you need to exercise it,
I’ll ask for your undivided.
I don’t care if you’re aspiring, conspiring, or just trying to rhyme things,
I’m tired and your time's expiring.

You lying motherfuckers all seem so see through
We all speak the truth, then why the fuck don’t we believe you?
You need more people. I see no evil,
Hear me speak and see you’re nowhere near my equal.

Leave you bleeding where your heart’d be at
Blow out an artery rap, I am the shit, this is colostomy rap,
Y'all don't want to part of me rappin', it’s hard to react.
Lethal Weapon I'm too old for this shit, crotchety rap

Part of me hates the rap game, it changed from the days when
People that act the same would get called out for their lame shit
I ain’t trying to be famous, I'm trying to make these rappers feel anxious
Rearrange shit and tear up the pages

They hear what I recite in amazement, wonderin' why they would say shit
Comparing what I'm writing with Les Mis
Wherever there's a mic and a stage is
Where I'll be in same biz, right on the marquee where the name is

Or catch me on the on the block, rooftop or the basement
On the same shit that made 2pac write changes
The same reason Kennedy had died for a nation
I see y'all on the knoll all cocking and aiming

The Rocky of Hip-Hop is the name then,
So for every Clubber and Creed, I've got a knockout waitin
I'll die for this art, it may not be what you want
It may have started in the Bronx but this is Martin at the Kronk.

Yeah! MOLA1. It's good news for me and it's bad news for the rest of you. I will not keep calm.


released August 19, 2013
Produced by Esta



all rights reserved


Martin Malota Detroit, Michigan

Martin Malota aka MOLA1 is a first generation Albanian American from Detroit, MI by way of Los Angeles, CA. His obsession with music began at the age of nine, when he turned to writing as a way to cope with the loss of his sister. With an obsession for perfecting his craft, Martin has had difficulty sharing his music...until now. ... more

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